Celebrating 95 Years

Helping to unify and strengthen community-owned utilities since 1928

Publicly owned and managed municipal utilities provide affordable, reliable and locally controlled electricity to more than 300,000 Wisconsin residents and businesses — putting people first, not profits.

Local Control

Public Power Utilities are owned by the community and run as a division of local government. Community citizens have a direct voice in utility decisions and policymaking.


Public Power utilities are not-for-profit entities that provide electricity to customers at the lowest rates. Homes pay – on average – nearly 15% less than homes powered by investor-owned utilities.

Superior Reliability

Customers of a public power utility are likely to be without power for just 59 minutes a year, compared to customers of private utilities that may lose power for 133 minutes a year.

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Percentage of Wisconsin electricity delivered by municipal utilities

Millions of dollars in direct support provided to communities

Number of Wisconsin communities that own and operate an electric utility

Average population of communities served by a municipal electric utility

Number of Wisconsin counties (out of 72) that are home to a municipal utility